Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As for Kate

Some of the cute things that Kate does these days I've listed on the wellslove blog, but one thing she says lately when we quiz her on her letters or animals and then in the middle if she gets bored or loses interest, she just says after i ask her a question "ummm i don't think so mom" or when i ask what her bear or her bunny's name is and she doesn't have an answer for me she say's "ummm I don't think so mom" it's super cute.

She is 2 1/2 now and she knows her sounds to the letters of the alphabet (thanks to leap frog's letter factory dvd), she LOVES daddy, whenever he gets home she gets all crazy and shows off for him... he is her little crush I think. While at church whenever we go to sing a hymn she has to leave the bench and go out in the isle and does an interpretive keeps those sitting around us entertained that's for sure, but she comes back to sit on the bench so that she can "pick one" or take the sacrament. NURSERY....oh nursery is a total insentive, she loves it!!! she can't wait to go every week which makes church easy for us especially since we have busy callings. I teach marriage and family the second hour and Ryan is doing appointments for the bishop.

Kate's interests right now as you might have guessed are #1 dancing... she loves it, she also love to play dressup and barbies. she mothers her toys which will hopfully make for a good helper when baby #2 comes. her favorite movies right now are Mama mia, cinderella, fraggle rock, barbie (swan princess) and charlotte's web. She loves animals and anything girly or pretty.
Although we noticed when she has only bigger boys to play with for example Riley and Alex her cousins, she likes to wrestle and play rough. that was something new we hadn't seen before. and a funny thing she does a lot is grit her teeth and flex all the muscles in her arms and hands and face like she's getting her frustrations out


So I have mostly created this blog for my own documentation on my life as a mother. Last entry Kate was almost potty trained, it's about a year later and she is-and I'm proud to say- 99.9% potty trained while at home, but we still put her in a pull-up when we leave or when it's sleep time. I can see where we could have done better and been more consistent with her rather than fall to our own convenience, also I think we started too early, she was so young and I felt like we couldn't properly communicate with her so I think the potty thing was a little confusing. So hopefully with the next one we will have learned a better lesson.

Speaking of the next one, I am now 3 months pregnant hooray!!! the due date is September 15 2009, and we have heard the heartbeat already which was very exciting. we are really excited since we were trying since september of 2008 and we didn't get pregnant until December so that seems to be the pattern for us... it took about 5 months to get pregnant with Kate and this was about 4 1/2 months.

While I was pregnant with kate I wished I would have documented what I went through and things I thought and felt in more detail, so this time I'm going to try and do a little better with that by using this blog.

Well for one, I feel much larger than I did with kate, I remember with her not even really showing until about 5 months and I feel about that size now at three months. As far as the sickness goes I would say it's about equal to the nausea that i had with Kate, I never threw up with her and I haven't with this one either. I do however have to eat constantly to have food on my stomach so that i can settle the nausea that i do have. At first I definitely craved Arby's roast beef sandwiches, and that is now dwindling a bit, but lately I'm liking baked potatoes and brocoli. There's nothing this time that i absolutely can't have like with Kate.... When I was pregnant with Kate I could not eat chicken or eggs. but that's not the case this time.

I'm sooooooo tired!!! I don't remember being this tired with Kate. maybe because then I didn't have a 2 year old to entertain and keep track of. So the situation is a little different but we are managing. I'm certainly lucky that she plays so well around the house it makes my life a little easier at least for now.

I do feel like everything is coming up roses soon though... I'm almost out of the first trimester, I will be out of the walking boot that i've had to wear for the last month on Monday, and I can wear my contacts again... (I've been out of them for a good 8 weeks) I have been doing consultations for lasik eye surgury and for that reason I haven't been able to wear my contacts. So hopefully I will be back to myself again soon and also will be able to get out as the weather warms up and get some exercize.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yum yum

mom: " Here baby have a bite of cheese.." Mom feeds the doll a bite of cheese
Mom: " here Kate have a bite of cheese.." Mom feeds Kate a bite of cheese.... While sitting on 2 towels on the kitchen floor having a picnic.

Wonderful world of trickery to get your children to eat....

Mom: "here baby lets put your panties on" Mom puts a diaper on the doll.
Mom: " Here Kate lets put your panties on" Mom puts a diaper on Kate....

Mom: " Here Baby get in your bed for nigh night"
Mom: " Here Kate snuggle with your baby for nigh night...


It's now been an hour and she is still jibber jabbering and singing to her doll... oh well as long as she falls asleep eventually.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The key to a successful marriage.

4 Nephi 1:11-12,15-16

The Key to a successful marriage that I found today went back to the principles of the gospel vs. 12: they did walk after the commandments which they had received....continuing in fasting and prayer....meeting together oft both to pray and to hear the word of the Lord...

vs.15: "There was no contention among them because of the love of God which did dwell in their hearts, vs. 16 there were no envying's, strife....lyings....lasciviousness...and here is the most important part there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God". So that convinces me today that the key to a happy and successful life and marriage is not a clean house or flowers or romantic walks or talks, but to be living the gospel principles in your home....saying personal and family prayer, studying the scriptures, going to the temple, having family home evening.....but most of all doing it because you want to and because you want to have the blessings, and because you believe that it will bring you true happiness. (I do think the other things, flowers, clean house, romance etc... are important but those are the cherries on top of the foundation which is the cake, which is the gospel principles.)

I'm not preaching except to myself, cuz I can always do better, but I totally see this work in my life, when I look to others or the world for answers to life's questions I don't find true happiness but the most joy i've had is when i'm doing what i should, and staying close to the Lord. It's not the kind of happiness that you imagine you would feel, but more of a fulfilled sense of peace... and you aren't continuing a maddening process of trying to find something to satisfy your emptiness I am having a hard time trying to explain my thoughts but hopefully they make sense.

I am really blessed to have a family and most of all a husband who is willing to follow the Lord, and who is patient while I try to experiment upon the word (Alma 32). Life is kind of a trial and error and hopefully we can remember what works and do those things again

Monday, September 1, 2008

Unchie, Shi shi, Yogurt and more!

Yikes it has been an interesting day, needless to say, I've been pooped on, peeped on, and had a brand new thing of yogurt spilled all over the newly mopped floor. It seems like just when you think you've got it all figured out that is when all hell breaks loose, We were doing so well with the potty training and I think maybe because it's a weekend and a holiday that we are a little off track but we haven't quite made it to the potty in time today and it's now a quarter to six and I'm feeling a little tired of the cleaning. But I've had a few little cuddles in between from kate that has melted my heart and I guess that is why motherhood is bearable during hard times.

Yesterday was quite a treat.....During sacrament meeting I think I left 4 times either because of a tantrum, or a supposed potty break, (She never actually went) then kate went to Nursury and i went and taught my class, Ryan has been sick and wanted to go home but I convinced him to stay cuz we're supposed to right? Well after relief society I went to pick up kate in nursery and the leader was holding her basically shaking her head and said that she bit another kid...What! That is not like kate, i will say that she screams and hits occasionally but we haven't had a problem with biting and she lately doesn't get agressive unless she feels threatened, anyway I was bugged, and maybe we should have gone home early , who knows?

So we got home, got fed and got Kate in bed. I continued cleaning because 3 hours later we had my whole family and Ryan's family over for Kate's birthday party, we finally got everything set and people started to show up, it was warm and sprinkling rain but it was kind of fun to be under the pavillion and enjoy that. well more people came including my brother who lives 3 hours away in Cedar City with his 8 kids and the storm began, luckily everyone got cake and ice-cream and we were able to open presents before the hurricane but it got cold fast, and the rain turned to hail. Everyone had short sleaves on and kids with no coats. As you might guess, the party got cut short, I don't think I even got to say hello to my brother Doug, and everyone ran to their cars to go home. We finally made it upstairs wet but safely, and Jay and jen (Ryan's Brother and his family) came up to visit for a minute.

Then we settled in played with toys from the party and kate went to bed. I at that point really needed to unwind so I ate leftover pizza, and we turned the lights off and got caught up on our reality tv shows. Then it was off to bed. Ahhh I think we can brave another day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

WARNING!!! remember this blog is for me and my thoughts, so if they seem personal I apologize but I don't write in journals very well but I do find time to blog...

I've been feeling baby hungry, if you know me you would probably know that that is not a characteristic that I usually have. I have adored having Kate but I didn't ever think that I would be the kind to get that longing for another baby. Ryan has wanted a second one for a long time but it has taken me a while to catch up. The original plan was to wait until the first week of October to start trying, we chose that time frame because I am planning on running the St. George marathon and I have been training for it for a year and we thought we would try afterward. But you never know how long it will take you to actually get pregnant and given Ryan's school schedule i would like to have the baby in the summer so that i can have a stress free Ryan to help which also creates a stress free me.

So given that background I have thought a lot about whether or not to stop taking the birth control and decided to pray about it, after a good session of pouring out my heart to Heavenly Father, then opening the scriptures to a random place I opened up to Moroni 7,8 and 9 in the Book of Mormon. These scriptures spoke about children and how beloved they are of the Lord and also stating that "has the Lord ceased to do miracles in our time"?, we are required to have faith. I can truly say that I feel like it's ok to start trying and whatever happens the Lord will take care of it. I did get a strong impression that I need to work on my Faith and truly put my faith and trust in the Lord. I have seen his hand in my life everyday why not in this right? So I'm pretty excited about our new adventure ahead of us. And I know I can put it in the Lords hands cuz he knows what's best for me.

Again, I apologize if I get to personal, but I just needed to record my thoughts while they were fresh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Proud to be a Parent

Dear Kate,
Next week you turn 2 and already you are almost potty trained. These last couple of weeks have been really warming for me as your mother to watch you catch on to things so quickly and willingly. I talk with your dad daily, hourly, minute-ly, about your progress and accomplishments. Yesterday you did your first somersault and you would've thought we had just won the world series with all the cheering and excitement. Once you learn something you seem to "Get it" like something just clicks. You can communicate with us now and I can see that it makes you happy. You are truly the joy of our lives and all I can say is that lately I feel so overwhelmed emotionally because I am so proud of you. Thanks for being you!
Love, Mom